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 aqw shop ids will be updated

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PostSubject: aqw shop ids will be updated   aqw shop ids will be updated I_icon_minitimeTue Sep 01, 2009 5:50 pm

Aqworlds Shop ID List
Haircut Shop ID:
1.)Normal Haircuts
6.)Slime Haircut

Enhancement Shop ID:
1.)Basic Shop Enhancement (Yulgar)
2.)Old Enhancement Shop
4.)Upgrade Enhancements

Updated Shop IDs:
1.)Level 1 Shop
2.)Not Implemented
3.)Level 3 Shop
4.)Level 5 Shop
8.)Swordhaven Helm
9.)Pirate Class Shop
10.)Upgrade Shop
11.)Valencia’s AC Shop
12.)Pet Shop
13.)Walric’s Magic Shop
15.)Dwakel Shop
16.)Yulgar’s Shop
21.)Armor Class Shop
22.)Warlord Class Shop
23.)Sorcerer Class Shop
24.)Acolyte Class Shop
25.)Renegade Class Shop
27.)Assasin Class Shop
31.)Mothers Day Shop
32.)Mariachi Shop
38.)Dragon Slayer Class Shop
39.)Noob Shop
40.)Crimson Shop
41.)Seasonal Shop
42.)Artix’s Axe Shop
44.)Citadel Shop
45.)Swordhaven Evil Shop
46.)King’s Castle Shop
47.)ShadowFall Shop
48.)Swordhaven Shop
49.)Quibble’s Sparta Shop
52.)Chainsaw Shop
53.)Guardian Shop ( Can’t Buy unless your verified )
54.)DragonLords Shop ( Can’t Buy unless your verified )
55.)Starlords Shop ( Can’t Buy unless your verified )
56.)Lunaris Shop
57.)Solaris Shop
59.)Summer Break Shop
60.)Chuckle’s Shop
61.)Peacock’s Costume
62.)Mustard’s Costume
63.)Plum’s Costume
64.)Hitchgreen’s Costume Shop
65.)Scarlet’s Costume Shop
66.)Whiteberry’s Costume Shop
67.)Sleuthhound Butler Shop
68.)Shadow Lich Shop (Taken out)
69.)Player Suggestion Shop
70.)House Furniture Item Shop
71.)House Shop
72.)House Wall Item Shop
73.)House Other Item Shop
74.)Mercuria’s Mage Shop
76.)Skull Crusher Shop
77.)Three Little Wolves Shop
78.)Black Knight Shop
79.)moon Shop
80.)Dwarfhold Shop
82.)Drow Assasin Shop
83.)Dwarf Furniture Shop
84.)Dwarf War Shop


aqw shop ids will be updated Darkergreen-1
aqw shop ids will be updated Elendil_gondor
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aqw shop ids will be updated
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